Hyun Taekwondo Academy’s safe and practical programs help children three to thirteen to improve both their physical and social skills.



Kicks 4 Teens recognizes that Teens are ready to take on the more serious aspects of learning a martial art.



Taekwondo can be taken up as a form of exercise, sport or self defense. Beneficial to men & women of all ages...

Hyun Taekwondo Academy is one of Singapore’s largest Martial Arts facilities.

Led by Mr. Lim Hyun, Hyun Taekwondo Academy was the first Taekwondo School in Singapore with an internationally certified Korean principal.

Our philosophy at Hyun Taekwondo Academy combines fun, science and discipline to provide a safe and invigorating system of learning Taekwondo, making it suitable for adults and children.


Conveniently located in downtown Singapore, Hyun Taekwondo Academy has ample parking and public transport nearby. We also provide bus transfers for children from certain locations.


Hyun Taekwondo Academy’s programs take our students from the beginner’s level of White Belt through to Black Belt and beyond. Our syllabus contains all the elements required for belt grading tests that conform to the Singapore Taekwondo Federation & Korean Kukkiwon standards.

Our weekly timetable has a range of classes to suit everyone’s schedule.

Contact us for more information on school fee’s, current promotions & bus transfers.




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